BCS Pasquali XB50 Walking Tractor.



The professional PASQUALI XB50 PowerSafe® two-wheel tractor has been designed for continuous and heavy duty uses. It has a gearbox with 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds and a quick reverser to change the forwarding direction. The serial differential with lock ensures improved maneuverability and adherence to the ground. The available engine: Diesel engine Kohler KD440, 10.9 HP. Even though it is a machine specially designed for soil preparation, thanks to its versatility it is well suited to a broad range of uses both for fruit and vegetable cultivation and for soil maintenance. The XB50 PowerSafe® has a cast aluminum structure and has got a serial quick hitch for attachments.  The reduction units on the wheel axles have been made to improve the performance and the life of the machine.

A wide variety of attachments are available at additional cost.

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