Struik Haulmtoppers, Hooktine Rotary Cultivators and Interrow Cultivators.

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  1. Low drive power – low machine weight
  2. High capacity for ridges and flat field agriculture
  3. Special foliage spreaders
  4. Very clean ridges due to special foliage spreaders
  5. Hardened flails, made out of one piece
  6. 2 large air tyres with spindle adjustment

Standard design: 1000/540 rpm gearbox. Front and pulled combination

Available in 2 to 8 row versions.

Hook-Tine Rotary Cultivators

The RF hook-tine cultivator works the soil and breaks up hard clods, allowing you to meet your goal of using cultivated soil with optimum growing conditions. The RF hook-tine rotary cultivator is the machine to help you create a perfect seedbed, and then you can deploy it as a inter row cultivator to create ridges with plenty of volume, which will stay firm for the entire season and retain their dimensional stability.

  • Available in 2 to 8 row
  • Also available in 4RF310F front mount version

Interrow Rotary Cultivator

  1. The Struik cultivator type ZF, is a highly versatile machine that is used world wide for different crops.
  2. Because the rotary cultivator units at the top are individually driven, there is free space between the cultivator elements both sideways and upwards. This makes it possible to cultivate the crops with high leaf.
  3. Kills weeds mechanically.
  4. Since the Struik ZF row rotary cultivator is built up as a modular system, the ZF can be supplied in any configuration from 3 rows to 12 rows, regardless of the row distance. This makes the ZF a very versatile machine.
  5. Every rotary cultivator unit has a sheering pin protection.
  6. The cultivator units are mounted so that they are adjustable. This means it is possible to us the ZF for crops with varying distances between the rows.
  7. There is sufficient space between the cultivator elements and the rows and between the fram and the ground.
  8. The rotary cultivation elements are fitted standard and with 8 hooks. Narrower elements with 4 hooks are also available so that cultivation can take place with damaging the root structure of the crop.

Available in 2 to 8 Row.

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