Miedema Planting, Storage & Grading Systems.

Hi-tech solutions for potato planting, storage and grading.


Planting Technology

The best harvest is achieved by creating ideal conditions while planting the potatoes. By using the best machine for your specific growing objective, you optimize the crop yield right at the start, during planting. Regular spacing in the row, correct planting depth and good ridge formation are the key factors when it comes to creating ideal growing conditions. Miedema planters form the perfect basis for the best potato growing conditions.

Storage Technology

After harvesting them, you want to store your potatoes in as product-friendly and efficient a manner as possible. You get the best results using easy to operate storage machinery from Miedema.


Miedema graders excel at accurately sorting your product and preventing product damage. This means a high quality end product and a higher net yield.

Smart Grader

The Miedema Smart Grader analyses, measures and sorts automatically, in one process. Tubers are measured and sorted by the optical sorter to within a tenth of a millimeter. Variations in colour, quality and shape are detected and can be sorted any way you want according to the parameters you set. The result is a top quality and homogeneous end product and therefore a high net profit.


Miedema hoppers ensure perfect handling of your potatoes so they can be buffered, cleaned and sorted if necessary. Automatic capacity control (MH control) guarantees optimum capacity for your storage line.


Conveyor belts from Miedema are designed to store your potatoes as efficiently as possible. Product friendliness combined with very high capacity ensure that your potatoes are transported quickly and undamaged from a to b.

Store Loaders

Miedema store loaders are designed to lay our potatoes carefully in terraces. You can choose to do this manually or using a fully automatic terrace set up program. Nothing could be easier! Miedema store loaders come in 3 different lengths: 13, 16 and 19 metres. The sturdy design means that high top loads are not a problem so you can simply store your potatoes without worrying.

Box Fillers

Miedema box fillers guarantee you higher returns: boxes are filled automatically without damaging your valuable product. The preset fully automatic filling programs are tuned to follow this principles. Their box filler guarantees the best possible box filling, regardless of size. How? A wide filler belt is used and the box filled layer by layer in a product friendly way.

Seed Potato Cutter

Miedema’s effective seed potato cutter cuts seed potatoes without degrading the quality of the product. The perfectly cross-cut tubers are ideal for machine planting and produce more stalks per metre square.

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