Hortech Salad Harvesters.

For harvesting baby leaf and head salad vegetables.


As manpower becomes more and more difficult to obtain, Hortech have stepped up research, development and manufacture of mechanised harvesters for head and salad vegetables.
Harvesting of baby leaf salad vegetables are carried out using the “SLIDE” models and the “RAPID” model is used for harvesting head vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage etc.

HORTECH is a forward – looking and dynamic company which has been established in 2004 by people with a ten – year experience who have been working for many years in the manufacturing sector of horticultural machinery. Hortech is the amalgamation of two important manufacturing companies, MAS and HORTUS, which are leaders in the production of horticultural machinery, and which during these years have met with great success all over the world and have been awarded many times for the numerous technological innovation introduced in the manufacturing sector of horticultural machinery. They have been always attentive to meet the customer’s requirements and that’s why today they are able to offer a huge range of innovative and properly working products which guarantee for high performance and ameliorate the safety and working conditions.

The company is headquartered near Padova, in the Italian region called Veneto, in an agricultural area allowing hands on research and development and resulting in innovative and high quality machines.

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