Einbock’s Aerostar has been a tried a tested alternative to chemical weed elimination worldwide.


For a number of years Einboecks Aerostar has been a tried and tested alternative to chemical weed elimination worldwide.

70% of the weeds can be destroyed with mechanical weed control. The remaining 30% do not damage the culture plant decisively. From the mentioned 70%, 70% of the weeds are covered in the germination stage an donly 30% of the weeds are destroyed by being pulled out. Therefore correct timing of the operation is crucial.

The Aerostar with a line spacing of 2.5cm, 40 tines per metre working width are standard. The number of tines and the exact tine guidance with a 28mm long plastic holder offer a higher tine vibration in connection with the working width. This better tine vibration allows a better soil preparation. So more pourable soil, covering the weed, is created.

It’s successful use with grain, maize, beetroot, rape, potatoes, peas, soybean, field beans, tomatoes, strawberries and on grassland make it an indispensable tool in soil cultivation.

The Aerostar keeps weeds in check, aerates the soil, regulates the water content by interrupting the capillary effect and enhances soil coherence.

These desirable effects contribute essentially towards a successful development of your crop.

The machine is pulled behind the tractor on 2 or 4 supporting wheels, which provide a consistent depth for the 6 tined weeder sections. An adjusting lever allows to bring the tines in the necessary slating position. The pipe carrying the tines is stable and does not twist – this guarantees the same adjustment of the tines over the full length of the pipe. Therefore it ensures an equal aggressiveness of the tines in working position. Especially in hard soil conditions this is extremely important. The exact guidance of the plastic holders keep the tines on the correct track. The tines are always kept in driving direction what makes the vibrate stronger. These holders guarantee the tines cannot twist or loosen. The spring-coils are positioned under the holder. This allows the tines vibrate more easily and all movements come out of the spring.

Available in 3 – 24 metre working widths

Seedbox option available on all models

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