It’s a wrap with Conor auto joystick and fully automatic bale wrappers.

Both models are also available with high speed twin dispenser option.


The Conor 9700 Trailed Balewrappers are the result of an evolutionary process of constant refinement and upgrading. A Balewrapper can expect a punishing and demanding life so strength and simplicity of engineering is an integral part of the Conor 9700 series. Building on this solid foundation Conor now offer a range from the manually operated 9700 up to the 9700E electronic, a highly efficient unit which reduces operator workload.

Automatic Joystick Trailed 9700 AJ Features:

  • Automatic joystick control 3.5 metre
  • 750mm pre-stretch unit
  • Easy load dispenser
  • Automatic cut and tie
  • Bale wrap monitor
  • Low ground pressure tyres
  • Optional cable control
  • Road lights
  • Load arm damage protected

Twin Dispenser Wrapper

The 9700 HSS wrapper is designed to dramatically speed up the wrapping process resulting in the contractor/farmer getting better value for money by saving both time and labour.

Because of the positioning of the dispensers at 180 degrees to each other, the bale is perfectly balanced on the turntable allowing the operator to wrap at maximum speed without the risk of pulling the bale, while still ensuring the film is applied evenly across the bale and optimum stretch is achieved.

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