Christiaens Agro Systems has developed and produced a range of unique washing and cutting systems for vegetables.


It is now possible to process vegetables in a fully-automated manner. Better washing results allow high speed processing while maintaining quality.
The washing and cutting systems from Christiaens Agro Systems bring you the following benefits:

~ A choice of various systems, tailored to your requirements
~ From manual to fully-automatic grading
~ Better washing results
~ Ability to adapt to various soil types
~ Notable savings in terms of labour
~ Product quality is maintained
~ Water savings due to recycling
~ Long service life

Christiaens Agro Systems has also developed various grading lines for the horticultural industry and a range of automatic peeling machines for vegetables.
Their grading lines can be extended with various options, so we can tailor your machine perfectly to your requirements and the size of your farm.
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