Baselier specialist bedformers, interrow cultivators and haulmshredders for the smart farmer.


Developed through experience, built by craftsmen. BASELIER designs and produces rotary ridging cultivators, full width rotary cultivators, ridge formers and haulm toppers for cultivation and potato crop.

Interrow Cultivators

Tine cultivator with separate cultivating parts for ideal ridge forming, even when the product is already growing.


  • Optimal crumbling of soil
  • Adjustable ridging hood in various positions
  • Large removable top plates on ridging hood for mechanical weeding, even when the product is already growing
  • A large clearance from the tine point to bottom frame bar (0.7m)

Available as extra FR:

  • Tines with hard metal wear plate
  • Automatic row sensing system
  • Markers (2)
  • Hydraulic ridge compression roller
  • Extra tines to cultivate outer furrows fully instead of partly
  • Available in 2 and 4 row

Rotary Cultivators

Full width, ridge and bed forming cultivators for exceptional seedbed preparation in all soil types. Potatoes, vegetables such as cabbage, carrot and bulbs.

Formation and compaction of large ridges with curved sides for good ridge durability and optimal coverage. Improved hook tine working angle, better air and moisture contents which improves yield. Improved performance at higher speed.

  • Large steel depth wheels, D500 x 180
  • Post emergence cultivation possible by removing top plates
  • Easy conversion to full width operation (FKV)
  • Large inspection covers
  • Available in 2, 4, 6 & 8 row


Multipurpose toppers for efficient topping of potatoes, chicory and carrots. Excellent lift and deflection of tops.

With optimal speed of rotor the Baselier Haulmtopper reduces power consumption and wear. The Baselier Haulmtopper has excellent haulm deflection, accurate depth control, wear resistant, heavy duty flails and chain flails for stony soils.

The flail length difference is 18 or 21cm and has a dynamically balanced rotor with 2 or 3 bearings at a speed of 1260 rpm. The PTO shaft had an overrun clutch and a connection of 540, 750 and 1000 rpms. The tyres depth control is 175/70 R13 and large inspection covers.

Available in 2, 4 & 6 Row.

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