AVR Potato Harvesters range includes single and 2 row trailed bunker harvesters and 2 and 4 row self propelled harvesters.


AVR has specialised in the production of high-end potato harvesters since the 1950s.

AVR’s renowned harvesting and cleaning system allows for fast, high capacity and potato friendly harvesting.

Spirit 6100: single row bunker offset harvester From 2009 on, the Spirit 6100 is new in the AVR selection. The infallible quality of single row harvesting, now at an even higher capacity! With its bunker of almost 6 ton, the Spirit 6100 is the big brother of the Spirit 4100.

View a video of the 6100 HERE!

Spirit 6200: 2-row bunker offset harvester Following the proven concept of the 2-row 8200 and 1-row 4100, AVR introduces a new, ultra competitive 2-row offset bunker harvester, the SPIRIT 6200. The Spirit 6200 has been designed as a universal machine with a comprehensive standard equipment. As always, the focus lies on potato-friendly harvesting by means of an efficient harvester.

View a video of the 6200 HERE!

Spirit 9200: 2-row bunker offset harvester Quality and capacity: That`s the Spirit! The Spirit 9200 is AVR’s largest trailed harvester. The machine works in offset mode and has a bunker capacity of 8,5 ton. Thanks to the hydraulic drive of all the webs and the cleaning system, you the most convenient control of the machine.

Esprit: 2-row harvester Quality, foolproof, capacity. The Esprit is the successor of the Prestige harvester. This means more than enough experience with high-quality harvesters. The most interesting point is that,apart from standard inline harvesting, the Esprit can also be used to harvest potatoes in offset mode. Due to the multitude of possible cleaning units, the machine can really be mounted to the customer’s needs.

View a video of the Esprit HERE!

Apache 3 or 4-row harvester The Apache joined the Esprit in the range of AVR trailed harvesters. The Apache harvester is available as a 4 x 75 cm or as a 3 x 90 cm machine. The cleaning module is available with axial rollers or with CR rollers. The modules themselves are interchangeable. The machine is fully hydraulic driven and standard with traction on the wheels. The innovative Flexiweb system ensures minimal drop heights so that in all circumstances optimal harvest results can be obtained.

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