Art’s-Way Grinder Mixers.

The largest Grinder Mixer on the market.

Available in hammermill or rollermill version.


6530 Grinder Mixer

It’s not just the largest in the industry, it is also the best and most productive grinder on the market today. The portable 6530 grinder mixer from Art’s Way features a gigantic 165-bushel tank with a one-piece 26 inch hammermill. This 4 ton mixer is easily configured to meet the needs of your specific livestock operations and includes a multitude of new ideas and improvements that originated from the experience of owners of previous models. The 10 inch diameter unload system has increased the discharge rate by up to 50% to drastically reduce time and labour costs. All unload discharge augers are run by hydraulic orbit motors.

Bigger, better discharge

Move more feed faster, with bigger, better discharge capabilities – increased gate opening, longer 12 foot discharge auger tube and additional 60 degree height setting on discharge auger tube cylinder. The 6530 grinder mixer boasts a fully self-contained hydraulic system operated by a wireless remote to control: raise/lower and swing of the discharge auger; open/close of the tank discharge gate; plus start and stop operation of the unload system. *Tractor hydraulics are also available.

6140 Grinder Mixer

A perfect combination of performance, smooth operation and maximum power. The 6140 Grinder Mixer, equipped with a 140 bushel tank, provides the producer an excellent option for grinding feed rations. Not only does the 6140 model have a large capacity tank, it features 72 hardened 4 way reversible hammers for a high speed, consistent and uniform grind. The self-contained hydraulics provides a smooth operation and maximum blend of tradition, quality and exceptional performance in the 6140 Grinder Mixer.

6105 Grinder Mixer

Art’s-Way 6105 Grinder Mixer now has 36 additional hammers – doubling the number of hammers to 72 – to run faster grinding speeds and deliver a more consistent grind for excellent feed rations.

Optional features offer easier operation

More base machine options offer combinations of hydraulic and manual operations for the Lift and Swing and Discharge Auger5. Choose with or without Hydraulic Auger Feeder.

6530 CattleMaxx

Art’s-Way CattleMaxx offers today’s beef and dairy operations rolled feed in a quality and consistent ration mix. Art’s-Way Rollermills provide you with efficient milling for top quality feed from your corn or small grains and does it with lower horsepower requirements. Rolling feed minimizes dust while providing more palatable and digestible feed for improved feed conversion.

Rolling with an Art’s-Way Rollermill makes all grains more palatable and digestible by fracturing the kernels outside hull letting the digestive juices penetrate more rapidly. Consistent particle size produced with an Art’s-Way Rollermill provides increased bulk allowing animals to eat more ration, which better assimilates the digestible nutrients. This allows for improved feed conversion. Rolling feed reduces dust in feed.

Also available in 6140 and 6105 version.

Stationary Hammermills and Rollermills are also available – contact us for further information.

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